Fully functional, multi-user, tested JCI approved and robust system


Ensure Paperless operation of the biomedical department


All related functions are in the same screen, add related data in the same form

Minimizes Human Errors

Automates most of the logistical functions performed by maintenance staff

Simplicity Strategy


The System is designed to operate on-premises or on the Cloud as a web based application.


Out of the box Simple Solutions for complex challenges. Simple is beauty.

Better Management

Help management make informed decisions , calculating costs, resource allocation, repair vs. preventive maintenance.


Barcodes, scanners, mobile apps , and our asset tracking tools can streamline work day, add, edit, check in, check out, and move assets or quickly do audits.


Saves valuable time and eliminates the need for spreadsheets, ensuring proper management.

Unique Capabilities

Asset tracking , alerts and notifications of overdue assets, maintenance needs, expiring warranties; multiuser support; and more.

Simplicity Benefits

Improve Producttivity

Maximizing equipment uptime Reduce unplanned downtime Increase work efficiency.

Prevents Mistakes

No task assignment with insufficient parts or labor eliminate scheduling mistakes.

Control Operating Costs

Lower maintenance costs Prevent costly repairs Prevent downtime.

Become Proactive

Taking control of maintenance functions move maintenance activities from crisis into planning mode.

Simplicity Implemenation Cycle



Data Collection


Configuration and Customization

Data Entry

Simplicity© automate most of the logistical functions performed by maintenance staff and management. Simplicity© comes with many options and have many advantages over manual maintenance tracking systems.

Work order generation, prioritization, and tracking by equipment, deadline or by the person in charge.
Historical tracking of all work orders generated which become Findable by equipment, date, person responding, etc.
Tracking of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities.
Real-time & accurate reports of ongoing work activity.
Calendar- or run-time-based preventive maintenance work order generation.
Capital and labor cost tracking by asset as well as median, and longest times to close a work order by component.
Document the life cycle of all the assets in a JCI compatible method, while offering a fast responsive and feature-rich user frontend.
The system will enable a Paperless operation of the biomedical department, and it supports the printing out of documents.
Simplicity Dashboard

Simplicity is Beauty

  • Minimizing the human error by reducing the data entry as much as possible, using auto-complete features, and limiting the entry to the system predefined drop down lists
  • Everything that is needed for a task are available in the same screen.

Multilingual Interface ( Arabic ready interface )

  • Has two interface languages right now, ENGLISH and ARABIC.
  • Each user can pick the preferred interface of the Application from the settings of his profile.
  • The Layout would change from Left-to- Right into Right-to- Left according to the interface language picked.
  • Other interface languages will be added in our vision.

Technical Support Ticketing System

  • Has a dedicated module for suggestion & improvement documentation
  • In case any technical issue occurs, users can send a ticket to the support team of AREUMEDICAL within the system, and the support team will address the issue according to their urgency.

Mobile Devices App

  • Has a dedicated module for suggestion & improvement documentation
  • n case any technical issue occurs, users can send a ticket to the support team of AREUMEDICAL within the system, and the support team will address the issue according to their urgency.

Main Modules

  • Stores all the Medical, MEP & Support services Assets technical, financial and location details with the ability to view, search and apply multiple filters to make finding the information much easier.
  • Automatic & Unique Tagging using ECRI`s UMDNS Method of Medical devices Description through searchable lists , all what is required is to pick the Category, Group & Type of the Asset from a Drop down list.
  • Auto complete technical data (ECRI`s UMDNS Codes, PM recommendations, Risk Levels, etc.)
  • QR code generated stickers
  • Printable medical device identification cards for hardware filing
  • “Scan & Sync” paperless Inventory using smart phones’ cameras
  • Interactive data filtering & multiple viewing perspectives for assets
  • Informative technical & financial reports for the top management & decision makers to aid in taking the right actions at the right time
  • Provides the hospital with the necessary tools and statistics to monitor, evaluate and to take the informed decisions.
  • feature-rich and user-friendly web interface for managing reports
  • Multiple location management reports to better compare the performance
  • Can integrate with other systems to show accurate statistics
  • Improve vendor management.
  • Reduce supply-chain costs and labor, while empowering procurement staff to be more strategic.
  • Integrated purchase order confirmation management
  • Enables hospital-wide inventory visibility, replenishment, lot and serial number tracking.
  • Each user has a customized Dashboard according to the permissions and privilege set the level of the employee to monitor his and/or other team members (for example, No of opened WO, NO of Skipped PM Etc.)
  • Automatically plans the activity of the biomedical department or the contracted service company for the current year according to the manufacturers` recommendation.
  • Fully Automated PM plan generation with a supervised flexibility to reschedule
  • Bulk PM Assignment based on filters (device type, location, dates, etc.)
  • Shifts the environment`s workflow to finish the PM proactively, quickly& efficiently by limiting the time window of opening the PM to a certain number of days , after this time window , the PM status changes to “Skipped” and would show in the statistics .
  • Create service tickets by scanning the QR code of the asset using a smart phone.
  • Automatic monitoring & notification on un-finished WO
  • User-tailored dashboards to notify remind& measure the productivity of each user.
  • Provide the hospital with an accurately calculated book values for the Medical, MEP & Support services Assets in the hospital.
  • Define the depreciation rate for group of assets or one by one
  • Instant automated financial reports ( Depreciation, Book Value, Replenishment report)
  • System notifications on Medical, MEP & Support services Assets` maintenance costs proceeding a certain percentage of PO value
  • Full history on Medical, MEP & Support services Asset`s location & custody history
  • Defines the inventories plan and durations to unlock the inventory features in the connected smart phones
  • Background calculation of biomedical department in-house repair savings
  • Increase Contract Renewal Rates Through Visibility
  • Schedule Contractual And Customer Service Visits
  • Easily Identify Contracts Nearing Or Exceeding Expiration
  • Associated Assets To Contracts
  • Utilize Contract Document Depository
  • Direct link between work orders and Contacts of the external Service providers in case of an SLA or Warranty Agreement for the specific Tag number of the Asset.
  • Automatic calculations of penalties based on the contract terms.
  • Notifications delivered to the service manager when any WO exceeds the max response time for any service provider.